lirik lagu avril lavigne-one of those girls

I know your kind of girl

You only care about one thing

Who you’ve seen, or where have you been

Who’s got money

I see that look in your eyes

It tells a million lies

But deep inside I know why

You’re talking to him

I know what you’re all about

I really hope he figures it out

She’s one of those girls

They’re nothing but trouble

Just one look and now

You’re seeing double

Before you know it she’ll be gone

She’s so good that you

Won’t see it comin

She’ll take you for a ride

And you’ll be left for nothing

You’ll be broken she’ll be gone

Off to the next one

She’s gonna be the end of you

At least that’s what they say

It’s been a while

You’re in denial

And now it’s too late

The way she looks makes you hide

All the warning signs

Cz her blond hair, her blue eyes

Makes you wanna die

I know what she’s all about

I really hope you figure it out

You know it’s a game, you know it’s a game

She keeps playing around with your head, playing around with your head

She’s so insane, so insane

She’s the one to blame, she’s the one to blame


1 Komentar

  1. lagu avril beda dan mewakili jiwa muda gw deh…

    gw fans number one nya avril deh..

    lagunya ngeinspirasi dan berhungan dengan kehidupan gw shari-hari..

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